Human Asset

Human Asset is an advisory boutique firm offering specialised People Management Services to companies within and outside Europe. Since 1999, we grow and evolve with our Clients, delivering valuable services and contributing to their Business Success Stories.

Our Services Portfolio

Training Programs (Open and in-house)
Our mission is to help People and Companies reach their potential through interactive and innovative programs. Our compass is:
• Extensive and ongoing research on international and local trends in L&D
• Understanding client’s Business Environment, needs and challenges resulting to custom and focussed programs and initiatives
• A Holistic and Neuroscience-based approach of L&D with well-designed Learning Plans, Classroom Interactive Workshops, e-Learning, Learning Projects at work and Coaching

Corporate Academies

Understanding our Clients’ Vision, Values, Strategy, Business Model and Learning & Development Philosophy, are few of the ‘musical instruments’ we use to Compose their Learning and Development Symphonic Orchestra “Corporate Academy”, the sound of which inspires people for further ongoing Development.
A Corporate Academy enables companies to successfully achieve:
• Strategic Alignment
• Culture Calibration and Change
• Continuous Learning through Growth Mindset
• Employee Engagement and Loyalty


The right professional to the Right Company, at the Right Position, at the Right Time

Knowledge, Experience, Personality, Values and Passion are our Success Drivers through the process of attracting, headhunting assessing and proposing the best employment solution to:
• Professionals at the levels of Middle and First-Line Management for all Functions and Departments, as well as General Management Levels
• Employers in a wide range of industries (Trading, Manufacturing, ICT, Services, Retail etc)

Aiming to meet each Client’s unique recruitment needs we:
• Develop job advertisements
• Develop and implement the Position Communication Campaigns, using Recruitment Portals, LinkedIn, Social Media and direct email to already interviewed candidates and personal networking
• Collect applications and screen them against the job criteria
• Manage queries, responses from candidates
• Conduct In-depth interviews and produce a short list upon references collection
• Arrange candidates’ interviews with the Client

Performance Management

We help our clients achieve Strategic Alignment and Exceptional Performance with New Generation Performance Management Systems:
• Establish a shared Vision and Alignment across the company
• Cascade Strategy down to Departmental and Team Objectives and KPIs
• Generate mutually agreed Action Plans
• Increase engagement with on-going Developmental Feedback

e-Learning Solutions / LMS

We offer:
• High value and low-cost e-learning platforms, cloud or hosted Learning Management solutions (LMS)
• High quality and fully Interactive e-learning material with video, demonstrations and interactive activities and gamification elements