Byron Nicolaides

Founder & CEO


Byron Nicolaides
Founder & CEO, PeopleCert

President, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS)

Byron Nicolaides is the Founder, CEO and sole shareholder of PEOPLECERT since 2000. Prior to PEOPLECERT he was a self-made entrepreneur having started various businesses and also worked as International Vice President for Merrill Lynch (1987-1992).
Byron is the elected President of the Council of European Professionals’ Informatics Societies (CEPIS). CEPIS is the representative body of national informatics associations throughout greater Europe. Established in 1989, CEPIS represents over 500,000 ICT and informatics professionals with Member Organisations in 31 countries.

Byron is also Board Member of the ECDL Foundation, fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS) and member of the Informatics Association of Turkey (IAT). He held several Board positions in the past including being Chairman of Arrow S.A., a closed-end investment fund that was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, Chairman of MARDAV, a joint venture of Dow Chemical and Ravago Group in Turkey and Board member of ECDL Asia-Pacific.

Being born in Constantinople and raised by parents who were teachers he always believed that education is a treasure that should belong to everyone and this defined his vision and many of his enterprising ventures.

Byron is a graduate of the Hellenic Zografeion High School of Istanbul, holds a BA in Business Administration from Bosphorus University and an MBA from University of La Verne. He is married, has two children, Dimitris and Eleni and speaks four languages.